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1100 Lumens Torch Flashlight with Jump Starter and Power Bank

  • The Torchlight is a fully capable jump starter, power bank and flashlight for vehicle emergencies. It utilizers a high-ratio polymer lithium ion battery for all functions.
  • A nylon, zippered bag is provided for accessory storage, including : AC wall adapter, DC car charger and connector clamps with 10 levels of electrical protection.
  • The bright LED flashlight can throw a beam over 160 feet, and can be set to flash for added " side-off-the-road " visibility. There is also a charging port in the event you need a quick power boost to call for help ( cable not included ).
  • A tough, splash proof aluminum housing keeps the Torchlight functional in all types of situations and weather conditions. The wave-shaped head is designed to break auto-glass in an emergency.
  • This product uses a high-capacity polymer lithium battery capable of charging many digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras(5V). To jump start a vehicle, the Torchlight provides a short-burst of high current, enough to turn over a 12V or gas vehicle engine.
  • Important : To ensure optimal performance, please charge to capacity every 3 months and keep at least 75% charge. There are no serviceable parts. Do not open or attempt to repair.

    1. Strong light mode for long range illumination : press button twice.
    2. Low light mode : while in the strong light mode, press one more time for low light mode ( for short distance illumination ).
    3. Safety mode : When in low light mode, press the button one more time for LED quick flashing mode for side-of-the-road visibility.
    4.Emergency mode : When in quick flashlight mode, press the button one more time to enter emergency mode to flag assistance or for maximum visibility.

    1. Check Torchlight battery status : Open the silicone bottom flap and switch the button to the "ON" position. Check battery status by pressing the power button. At least three LED light bars are      required to jump start your vehicle. After correctly connecting the Torchlight to your vehicle, if you hear a beep, it means there is not enough power to jump start your vehicle. Unfortunately, you will have to charge the product before use.

    2. While connected to the vehicle: Turn the product's switch to the "OFF" position ( providing greater power output at ignition start ). Attach alligator clamp into the product's EC5 connector. The red and green indicators of the smart alligator clamp will flash alternately. When the smart alligator clamp is connected, it will be automatically detected. When the green light is on, the product is in standby mode.
    Tips : The smart alligator clamp provides 10 layers of protection. Should it encounter any improper operation or connection, the unit will beep. This is to alert the user to disconnect the product from the vehicle, and carefully check the cause of the alert, fix the problem, then reconnect the clamps to the vehicle.
    3. Start your vehicle. With the Torchlight properly connected, start the vehicle. After a successful start, remove the smart alligator clamps from the product and disconnect them from the vehicle as soon as possible.

    CAUTION : Do not short-circuit the unit by touching the positive and negative alligator clamps together when plugged into the unit and the Torchlight is "ON".

    Tips: This product is designed for 12V battery voltage and 200A-400A current magnitude. The current magnitude is compatible with the charging needs of your vehicle. If you can't jump start your vehicle the first time, please double check to make sure your vehicle model is compatible with the product and all parts are connected correctly, then try again. with full battery power, you can
    jump start your vehicle up to 10 times ( varies depending on vehicle model ). Wait 3 to 5 minutes between each vehicle ignition attempt. After 4-5 failed ignition attempts, stop and contact your vehicle service provider. Different vehicle brands have different parameters; therefore we cannot guarantee that all vehicles can be jump started using this product.

    WARNING: LEAD- Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/


LED Torch 8w @ 1100 Lumen
Exterior Housing Aluminum
Capacity 10,000 mAh
Battery Type Lithium
USB Output DC 5V 2.5A
Jump Starter output 400A Peak
Working Temperature -4F to 140F